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Updated: Jul 6, 2019

So it's been a couple of days since I've made an update. Last week between working overnight a handful of times, building some new systems out at work, and pulling a couple of two-a-days it was a crazy week.

Let's Catch Up on the Diet First:

I have managed to continue to make the absolute best decisions so far. All last week I stayed within the boundaries of the slow carb diet. On Saturday I did take advantage of the cheat day a little bit. I drank a Mountain Dew Code Red, ate a slice of cheesecake, and an order of fries but largely kept it under control.

Sunday I had a ton of running around to do. I had to juggle work, a side business, a trip back home to Sylacauga, and a blackbelt class so I was in the car a majority of the day Sunday. That's where I made a rookie mistake and didn't properly meal prep. I stopped to fuel up and grabbed a Muscle Milk protein shake and some beef jerky (so not bad there) but on the way back to Birmingham knowing I was about to take part in a 4 hour blackbelt class, I decided I needed to eat a full meal. I convinced myself that Jack's Chicken Tenders would give me protein and would be easy to eat. My intentions were to order the tenders and go on but I let that little devil on my shoulder talk me into the combo with a diet Coke and fries. A slip, but I owned it and moved on. Monday was a good Slow Carb day, Tuesday I had a lunch meeting at work with a vendor and ate a handful of tortilla chips but ate a very slow carb approved Mexican dish so all in all no major concerns.

Today our office building was giving away free Ice Cream sandwiches (I absolutely love Ice Cream sandwiches) however I used will power to overcome the temptations and held the course. So all in all I have made a few slip ups here and there but instead of letting it throw me off the course, I've owned it, forgot it, and moved on and the damage has been relatively minimal.

Last week made it all the way down to around 252 lbs. (I played around with a little weight manipulation strategies just to prep my body for when I have to start doing it to make fight weight). As of Monday my walking around weight was officially 262 lbs. So I believe some of this is water weight that I put on after cheat day and after rehydrating after the cut on Wednesday of last week when I was at the lowest. I don't expect to see the scale always move the right direction every week so I am not discouraged and will continue the path.

Fitness Routine Update:

The absolute most amazing thing has happened over the last week. I haven't run like really run since I was in 10th-11th grade playing football and forced to run constantly,

I hated it. I did a ton of cardio with jump ropes, kettlebells, and HIIT routines, but I always stayed away from running. I always got this sharp pain in my side, and it just was a miserable experience.

This week since I committed to the two-a-day schedule I decided to go ahead and make myself try to jog on a treadmill. The most amazing thing happened. I forced myself to run 3 minutes (telling myself i have to have enough cardio to make it through a 3 minute round or I'll get killed). I ran at a brisk pace and surprisingly made it through the 3 minutes without any substantial effort. I decided to see if I can make it 6 minutes to simulate two rounds with no stop, then 9, then 12, 15, and 24. I was able to run at a brisk pace for 24 minutes straight. I got off the treadmill hit the showers and made it to work. I felt amazing. The next day I repeated the process, by the end of the week last week I was running in the morning after my workout, then going to the boxing gym and running after my jump rope routine before hitting the bags. I almost feel like I crave needing to run. After a week and a half of running I have WAY more energy during the day than I've had in years. I don't experience that mid afternoon crash. And it honestly isn't that bad. I think I might even like it. If I can keep this up my life is going to change forever as I have never been a runner but I feel like I might be becoming one and that is one of the most amazing transformations I have ever seen in myself.

Idiot Update:

And as promised I will share my success's and failures so here we go. In one of my very first blogs I talked about not over doing it, and being smart and even though I was very mindful of what I am doing and the amount of weight and reps I was putting into things to ensure that I didn't over due it working a single body part. Well even the best laid plans sometimes need to be re-evaluated because I failed to recognize that although I was careful with not over doing any one exercise, I didn't account for the way secondary muscles were used as stabilizers to primary movements.

I mis-planned my spits. I decided to do shoulders and back one day, bench press and biceps the next, and legs and abs the third. What I didn't realize is that my biceps were heavily used in all of those exercises. By Thursday I couldn't extend my arms fully. I took off Friday and boxed on Saturday, lifted some stuff at work on Sunday, and then hit it hard on Monday with Shoulders and Biceps, Tuesday I decided to do some pushups and realized that I had once again lost the ability to fully extend my arms. I am now thinking I need to separate lift days by a rest day between each. Only lifting Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Maybe on Saturday if needed and only doing cardio in the mornings. I am sure the bag work and sparring in the afternoons is probably not helping my recovery. I am going to explore and experiment over the next week or so and I will update you guys on what changes I make.

And finally my awesome co-workers have reinstated our daily planks. We typically get a group together everyday at 10,12, and 2 and do a minute plank each day. It's not a huge amount of work but it is daily core work, group accountability, and a break from sitting at a desk all day for hours straight so it's a win win, and yet another reason why I love the company I work for.

I'll try to be more diligent about getting these updates out more regularly, hopefully work will settle down a little bit for a while. Until next time everyone keep going and we'll travel this amazing life journey together.

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