Guess who's back?

So it's been a little while since my last post. Life has a way of getting in the way.

Let's catch up on what's happened since my last post. In January we welcomed in our 7th (and final) child. Clarence Judah Sparkman (Judah) was born on January 7th 2020. That was fantastic news for us but there was a lot of other things along the way that derailed my journey.

Work got absolutely crazy. My company began acquiring new hospitals at an astounding rate and at the time there were just two of us in the IT department simultaneously building new infrastructure, managing and maintaining 100 hospitals and all of their IT needs. We hired a long time friend of mine who helped for a while but then had another opportunity come through that he took so we were back to two. We hired a project manager and began working to build the department out. Ethan and I both literally put in 100 hour work weeks for months, there was no time for training, no time for family, no time for anything. We grit our teeth and pushed through it and finally we were able to hire in some more resources. Today we have 130 hospitals, corporate office, and roughly 50 remote users. Almost 3,000 end users and devices but today we have a team of 8 and are finally returning to manageable work loads. As I've stated before in previous posts stress is a silent killer. I found myself 50 pounds heavier, dealing with chronic pain and inflammation, damaged relationships at home, and in spiritual and mental turmoil.

But alas, there was a change, and it literally couldn't have come at a better time.

The additional personnel at work, helped to reduce the stress and work load which helped me to begin repairing damaged relationships at home and regain my focus.

On February 26th, 2020, I woke up with my entire life falling apart around me, 291 lbs. and feeling like I might not see 40 if I didn't make some changes. That day I fell to my knees and prayed. I prayed to be delivered from the hell I'd been living through, I prayed that I could get serious about correcting my health and that I could have un-waivering focus. I knew I needed to drop weight quickly or my health was in peril. I went through all of my fitness logs from before, and researched for a couple of hours. I finally felt inspired that "Keto" was the way to go this time. I had tried Keto a couple of times before and failed. But this time I committed to give it my all. So I started that day at lunch time.

Fast forward six and a half weeks I am now 254.1 pounds. I have had two cheat sides in six weeks. Not cheat days, not cheat meals, I have twice ate potatoes as a side. And one other time I opted for some breaded chicken strips from Popeye's while I was out and about. That's it. I haven't even wanted to cheat. I am happy even through intense workouts with boxing and cardio.

This time I carefully measured macros for the first three weeks. I didn't try and do any exercise for the first three weeks I let my body adjust. As my energy levels began to return to normal I began working out. Then the lock down occurred.

Due to Covid-19 my company decided to allow us to work from home to try and stop the spread of this disease, and help to protect our employees. Within a three week period the entire world was sheltered in place or so it seemed. The kids were told they would not be returning to school this year, and it looked like my work from home was to be more permanent.

I decided to make the best of it. I developed a schedule that allowed me to work from my office forcing myself to get up every hour or two and walk around the house, yard, or block. I also was able to turn my lunch hour into a cardio session on the treadmill, and when I finally get finished working at 5 or 6, I can now step out into my garage which is converted into a boxing gym and get in a good 10-12 rounds of bag work before coming in to eat supper and spend time with family. Then it's onto nightly maintenance work/projects/studying before bed.

I have found that having this set schedule and not having to deal with travel from work to gym, etc. has provided me with time each day to make sure that I am able to keep my goals on path.

I have many more updates to make with more details about processes, etc, however I wanted to take the opportunity to announce I'm back, I'm back on track, and I have some other big things coming so please tune back in and let's take this amazing journey through life together.

In closing I leave you with a quote from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is happiness ahead."

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