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Updated: Jul 6, 2019

So it's been a week or so since my last update so here's what's happening.

Two-A-Days are legit. So I got down to around 250 lbs at the beginning of last week, however, I felt like crap. I was working hard. I was working out lifting in the mornings, and and running at least 20-30 minutes every morning. I would then go to work all day, leave work and either go to the boxing gym or come home and box in my garage. I thought I was setting the world on fire but my coaches noticed a definite decline in my performance.

My reaction time was suffering and I was catching punches with my face not by guard. My feet were glued to the ground, and I just all around felt like crap. In addition to that my mind was fuzzy at work, and it got harder and harder to get up every morning to where I finally had to skip the gym everyday last week (I did still get up and run but I didn't have the time by time I woke up to make it to the gym and then work).

Something was off and I figured I knew what it was but before I could even ask my boxing coach asked me "What's your diet looking like these days?".

Funny what professionals know that we don't isn't it?

I told him I was doing the "Slow Carb" diet and explained to him what it was. While he was happy that it wasn't the keto, or atkins and that I did have some carbs in it, he explained to me that those diets work great for losing weight if you aren't very active. Boxing in itself requires glucose or rather glycogen for fuel.

Now here's where the Keto supporters rise up and tell me that there are world class endurance athletes that stick to low carb or even no carb diets and they're right. But boxing and other combat sports require you to fuel that "fast twitch" muscle fiber. You need to have glycogen for your body to explode over and over again. I was starving myself to death.

I think back to my friend Jody from HMG fitness telling me the same thing about a year ago when I was lifting with him at his gym in Irondale, but at the end of the program I did with him I had very small results. I related it to the carbs, in retrospect........ it was my consistency. I had a lot going on in my life and I wasn't able to give it my all then, plus I had a huge amount of stress in my life and holding onto that much cortisol in my body aided in slowing my progress.

Additionally I was cheating back then. I thought that if a drink had zero sugar it was ok to drink. So I was still pounding down sugar free monsters like they were going out of business.

This time I have been a bit wiser and well it seems to have taken effect.

So here's the new diet plan.

I have began starting my day off with two slices of whole grain toast with almond butter and a small amount of strawberry jam.

After I run and or work out I shower and head into the office. Usually around 9:30 or 10:00 I have some eggs and sausage in a scramble.

For lunch I try to eat fish, chicken, or steak with either brown rice or sweet potatoes, and some mixed veggies.

For dinner I eat something similar. I have added almonds, sunflower seeds, and cashews to my bag so I always have a healthy snack if I get hungry and i drink a muscle milk protein shake once a day with my second meal at the office and sometimes I might have an additional shake after I finish boxing if I feel like I need extra energy after a hard workout.

That's it. I pretty much just added whole grains, sweet potatoes, and brown rice to the diet I was already following.

I am back up around 258 right now but I'm okay with it. I feel like the extra energy allows me to have better performance and that will pay dividends in the end.

I'll keep you guys updated but so far so good and most importantly I feel a lot better so that will keep me on track.

In short I absolutely recommend the Slow Carb diet to people who aren't planning on jumping in the ring or trying to stack on huge amounts of muscle, as it's easy and it works great. In my current lifestyle of grueling 2 and 3 hour workouts sometimes twice a day, you have to have carbs to have the energy to keep going.

So here's to the next phase. Stay tuned for more because as I expected this journey is going to go up and down, forward, and backwards, but isn't that what makes life amazing?

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