Let's Step It Up A Notch, Shall We?

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

So I know it's been a couple of days since I've posted but there's a reason why.........

On Monday morning I woke up with the bright idea that I was going to start doing 2 a days.

I can remember how much I hated that word back in high school, it was always hot and tiring and seemed like it never ended, but about half way through the season we were always in way better shape than our opponents and it was because of all the work we put in during those hot summers that paid off.

Well drawing from this dark space in my memory I decided that I would give it a go.

The Routine:

My day started at 5:30 am (yes you read that right, the guy who normally strolled into work after 9 got up at 5:30 am). I woke up with a lot more energy than normal due to the clean diet and my lead up over the last couple of weeks of being more active. I woke up packed my bag and then it was off to the gym. I walked in and went straight to work.

3 x 10 straight bar bench press

3 x 10 dumb bell bench press

3 x 10 incline bench press using a machine

3 x 10 butterflies on a cable machine

3 x 10 dumb bell back rows per side

3 x 10 lat pull downs

3 x 10 cable rows

100 kettle bell swings

15 minute fast jog on the treadmill (to simulate 3-5 minute rounds in the ring)

10 minutes in the sauna then shower and off to work.

After work I went straight to boxing gym for

5 x 3 minute rounds jump rope with minute plank between

3 x 3 minute rounds on heavy bag

3 x 3 minute rounds on the body snatcher bag throwing hooks and upper cuts and working on head movement


3 x 3 minute rounds of pad work with Coach Jon in the ring.

I was dead tired but felt great.

This morning it was again up at 5:30 and then out the door to the gym for:

3 x 10 tricep pull downs close grip

3 x 10 tricep pull downs with rope grip

3 x 10 heavy shrugs

3 x 10 punches with the cable machine for resistance

3 x 10 hanging ab lifts

25 minutes of full jog on treadmill working to simulate 8 - 3 minute rounds in the ring and a one minute cool down because my work phone rang and I had to take the call.

10 minutes in the sauna then shower and off to work.

I got home late due to work issues but fit in a couple of 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing and some kettle bell swings and planks.

I am again beyond tired and sore as can be but making it happen none the less.

Diet Update:

For breakfast each day the last two days I have started the day off with the "Just Crack an Egg" protein breakfast. They are really easy to cook and eat on the go. You literally just crack an egg into the container and microwave for 1 minute stir and eat.

Both days I had my traditional burrito bowls for lunch but Monday night I had two fried chicken drumsticks (I'm human and the smell of fried chicken is a real weakness to me), but I skipped the mashed potatoes and corn and just called it a night. Tonight I made an egg and connecuh sausage scramble with peppers, black beans, and cheese and had enough to prep tomorrow's meal.

Starting weight on 6/5/19: 271

Today's starting weight: 258.6

And so I keep my head up and my feet moving.

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