Progress, Setbacks, and the delicate dance of life

So let's start with the good new. Today I'm 254 lbs. Again down from 291 lbs. just about 11 weeks ago. I am feeling tons of positive changes in my physical body. I have began to see more muscle definition, and my energy levels while working out are at an all time high.

I no longer suffer and struggle through my workouts, instead I constantly find ways to continue to increase the intensity. I can feel my lung capacity improving and my overall endurance is getting better by the week. In the beginning I had a hard time getting through a round or two without feeling like I was going to simply pass out, fall out, or sit out the next round. Now I feel like I can go 6-10 rounds with ease at 70-90% intensity and don't give out. It seems like I get stronger and more explosive the longer I go which has caused me to change my warm up to add more intensity into it so that I feel like I am in my optimal performance zone during the training session.

I still struggle with maintaining energy levels during the days especially on off days. I think it's a either related to an insulin spike, or some other sort of hormonal change that is occurring during the day. It's definitely better now than it was a year ago when I wasn't dieting, and wasn't as active, but it does seem to be worst with carbs in my diet than it was on keto.

I think it is entirely possible that it could be related to stress. My job (well really my entire career) brings with it a ton of stress. The 40 hour work week is virtually non-existent in my world. On average I work somewhere between 60-100 hours a week and have for the last 15 years or so. It's nothing for me to pull a 16-20 hour day three or four times a week. We have to work during the day and support our end users, then most every night of the week I have maintenance, or a migration, or upgrade going on. I typically sleep about 4 hours a night. On top of the grueling work load there is a ton of stress that comes with the job. People need their computers to work to do their job. When they don't they get frustrated because they are trying to do their job. Usually by time someone calls us and gets to me specifically they have a running start. There is simply a lot of stress that comes with steering a ship as large as the one I am in command of. You can't make everyone happy all the time and the weight of walking around with little sleep, and carrying a ton of stress adds to the amount of cortisol in the body which can cause severe inflammation probably dips in energy levels.

In an effort to combat this I have recently purchased a new mattress to help improve my sleep, as well as I've tried in any spare time I can find to work on doing yoga and calming meditation to help control the stress levels. I believe getting the stress under control and improving my sleep quality (and quantity) will help to improve the energy issues, and help to get the weight loss moving faster again.

For now I'm going to do what I can do to make small improvements, hold the course with the diet and exercise routine for now, and update you guys on what I discover. It's a process, sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's miserable, but you just have to stay the course, take the good with the bad, and stay consistent.

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