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Wednesday marks 10 weeks back on my journey so I figured it would be a good time to write an update post.

Start date Wednesday February 26th 2020

Starting Measurements:

Weight: 291

Neck: 18.5

Waist: 51

Hips: 51

Right Bicep: 17.5

Left Bicep: 16.25

Chest: 51.25

Today Monday April 27th 2020

Current Measurements:

Weight: 253.0

Neck: 16.5

Waist: 48.5

Hips: 45

Right Bicep: 15

Left Bicep: 15

Chest: 47.25

I have an increase in mental focus and concentration. Adding carbs back in helped a lot with energy levels. As I discussed in the podcast, there was about a two week period where the weight started coming back on. I got back up to about 262, but I didn't panic. I just stayed the coarse and finally I started seeing the weight fall off again.

Currently I am seeing much better explosiveness in my boxing. I am able to generate tremendous explosive power and my cardio and endurance have went way up. I am getting to a point where jump rope sessions and boxing workouts don't just completely blast me out like the used to. I can make it through them without feeling like I am going to die by the end of the session now. This means that since I'm not having to simply endure, I am now able to add extra intensity into my drills and sessions. I feel like I could easily go 3-5 rounds now without completely gassing out like I did before. I also can tell a noticeable improvement in my footwork, head movement, and the sharpness and quickness of my punches. All in All it seems like everything is working. Now I simply have to continue, staying consistent, pushing the pace, and making my way to 185 lbs.

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