Tortured Recollection

Indecisive memories keep running through my head.

My search for greener pastures, has left me with this death.

The bloodstains on the my hand, run clear with liquid soap,

but the guilt still harnesses my soul, forever more.

My recollection are so false,

my mind has since forgotten,

the reasons that i fought this fight,

my intentions have turned rotten.

So why is the my path of fate,

weathered with remorse?

The pain in my side stings so deep,

surely death will soon run it's coarse.

But not the death that in such,

could free me from my pain.

No, instead the death that imprisons me,

making everyday the same.

So that when I turn my heart to pure,

and wonder towards where I have come.

The pathway has grown dark and narrow,

and a chill runs through my every bone.

Self destruction now my only option,

as i lay grasping through the fog.

On my back i lie trying to scream,

but no words, not single sound can i make at all.

So as I lie in misery,

I realize my mistake.

Just one more chance I beg of you.........

Then from my dream the redeemer must have heard me,

I realize this now as I lie awake.

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