Weekly Update and Getting Used to the New Normal

So let's start off with a weekly update.

As I mentioned in my previous blog I did a six week experiment with Keto and had amazing results. I went six weeks on hardcore, strict, clean keto. I diligently tracked my macros, and stayed at a very strict ratio of 75% fat, 20% protein, and >= 5% total carbs over a 2800 calorie a day total calorie consumption.

I intentionally gave it three weeks of diet change only before I began doing any workouts with it to make sure that my body got "fat adjusted" as they say. After 3 weeks I began to workout again doing a split of 20-30 minute of cardio on a treadmill at lunch time everyday, and then doing a full boxing workout consisting of jump rope (at first 3 - 3 minute rounds, with a 1 minute plank or crunches in between, moving eventually to 5 - 3 minute rounds, with the same 1 minute ab work in between), and then 3 - 7 round of 3 minute heavy bag work with a 1 minute rest in between rounds. This worked fantastic for the first 3 weeks but I found over the last week that I was dead. I had to completely force myself to fight through my workouts and my speed and power was declining.

I decided that although Keto had been really good to me this time around I had hit an obvious wall at which it begins to be counter productive to my progress.

I started this week at 251 lbs. Which was a full 40 pounds down from the 291 lbs. I began at in February. I decided that Keto (for my purposes at least) should be used as a tool and not just a lifestyle since I have returned to heavy activity.

Beginning on Monday I adjusted my macro ratio to a 40% (clean) carb, 30% protein, 30% fat ratio across the same 2800 calorie a day consumption. I mentally prepared myself to see some weight gain as my body begins adjusting to the carbs.

Day 1 I jumped on the treadmill around 12:15 or so pushed through a brisk walk pace (that point where you are walking quickly and could break into a jog at anytime) I decided to hold here as I was keeping my heart rate at around 120-135 and pushed through the full 20 minutes. I attempted to eat a breakfast of 3 eggs, bacon, avocado oil, and about a 1/4 cup of cheese. I made the 30 minute mark with no struggle. Around 4:30 pm I made myself two slices of whole grain toast with almond butter and sugar free strawberry jam. Around 5:30 I hit the garage (I have converted my garage into a boxing gym). I noticed a bit more energy, didn't have require much motivation as I was ready for my workout. I decided to do a lot of power punches on the bag to judge my strength versus where I left off last week. I try to do a good mix of alternating technical drills on the bag, power punching sessions, and speed sessions. I noticed a marginal increase in my ability to generate power on hooks and crosses but nothing to write home about. I finished my workout at around 10 rounds of combined jump rope and bag work. I worked Gavin (my oldest son, who is also training in boxing with me) through some pad work, and we completed our workout with about 10 minutes worth of foot work drills and shadow boxing. I felt better at the end of my workout but exhausted.

Day 2 I made my way to the treadmill again and pushed a very similar workout. This time I again had a breakfast but decided to try two slices of whole grain toast with almond butter, and sugar free jam, and about four whole strawberries about an hour before my session. I had enough energy to make it through my workout (30 minutes at the same pace as before) and went back to work. I made myself a smoothy about 3:30 that contained almond milk, almond butter, greek yogurt, kale, cinnamon, honey, protein powder, and strawberries. Gavin and I hit the gym again around 5 and had a similar workout strategy. we focused more on speed that night and I actually noticed a pretty significant difference in my speed from the previous weeks. My energy levels stayed pretty constant through the entire workout and we did 4 round of the jump rope circuit and 10 rounds of bag work. Afterwards we did some body weight drills, bench press, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell should presses. I felt great. I had a pretty good keto style recover meal consisting of chicken, grassfed butter, some salsa, and avocado oil, with a side of about 4 strawberries, and a handful of almonds.

Day 3 was a working recovery day. I remained fasted until after my 35 minute treadmill session at lunch time, and then had a recovery smoothy, and two full meals making sure to get fruit, and carbs in to attempt to carb reload and restore my glycogen cells. I slept like a baby that night.

Day 4 I decided to do my lunchtime cardio session fasted. I did have the same smoothie mentioned before as a recovery drink. We did 4 rounds of jump rope circuit, and 12 rounds of bag work this time working again on power punches and I had a very noticeable increase in my power and stamina. I honestly didn't want to stop at the end of the 12th round. I could have went another couple of rounds. We did some more footwork drills, box jumps, and some pad work, and I started introducing concepts of head movement and slipping punches to Gavin.

Day 5 I worked pretty late Thursday night as we were putting some new servers in a data center and worked with my team until around 2-2:30 that morning. I woke up about 6:30 Friday morning and this is where I would have usually rolled back over saying "I worked all night, I'll get up around 9 and start working", however I decided that one of us needed to be up in case there were any issues first thing in the morning and I didn't want my guys to lose sleep so I jumped up. To my surprise I had a ton of energy. I went right into a 45 minute higher intensity treadmill run. at 6:45 in the morning. This is an absolute break through for me as I by nature am not a morning person, and am certainly not a morning person after working all night. I had a ton of energy. I finished my workout, got a shower and went straight into the back to back conference calls and daily issues at work. I decided that since I worked out all weekend long and only had one recovery day I would take today as a working recovery day as well. Two refuel meals and an after work nap, here I am, writing this blog and feeling great.

Now for the results. I started this week at 254.4 lbs. I ended today at 261.2 lbs. Here is where I would have panicked in the past, however I am going to decide to stay the course with minor changes. I feel like over all my performance increased noticeably with my boxing so I feel like the additional weight gain is likely just my body retaining water due to the carbs. I plan to keep my calories the same and reduce my calories to under 2500 calories putting myself in the same macro breakdown but in a bit more of a caloric deficit and see where we end up. I feel like I've lost more fat from my waist and chest this week and since I have had more carbs this week my biceps and shoulders appear to be larger. I decided to start measuring myself again so that I can track measurements as well as weight loss.

Measurements are as follows:

Waist 50" - this is down 4 " from last year when I stopped working out around October or so.

Neck 17.3" - again down from the 18.5" from last October

Hips 47.5" - didn't measure this before so I am unsure but assume since my pants are looser now that I have lost here as well.

Chest 48" - this is down from 52" before and is where I see the most change in my appearance when I look in the mirror.

Biceps - I lost about a half inch in my right bicep and 1/4 inch in my left bicep from last year, however both arms are not for the first time in my life symetrical at 16.5".

Shoulders - I don't have a way to measure my shoulders, however I can see more definition in them.

Over all goals. I guess in closing I will lay out my over all goals. My plan is to get down to a walking around weight of 180-185 so that I can begin competing in amateur fights at light heavyweight (178 lbs). I don't want to have to cut too much weight to hit a weigh in but I figure if I can get within 10 pounds I should be able to cut that weight during a fight camp and be able to fight at the desired weight class with no energy or over all health issues.

I know these are adventurous goals but I feel I am very motivated and putting in the work. Now comes the consistency part. I have committed totally to staying the course this time so let's keep going together. Please subscribe to this blog and my facebook blog so that we can share in the journey together.

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